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The Chirps, tweets and trills 2016: Learn your local bird songs (course info and registration below)

The 2016 course provides 12 hours of training to help Ottawa residents identify the birds that they will hear and see in the Ottawa area. The training includes tips, tricks and technology for song learning, data gathering methods (including the short hand 4 letter codes for bird species), protocal for point counts and visual and auditory identification of the most common bird species found in the Ottawa area. As it gets warmer, there will be some opportunities for outdoor field practice. To be successful it is recommended that participants of this course do homework between sessions. By the end of the course, participants should be able to quickly recognize the songs of at least the 70 most common species that are encountered within the Ottawa area. This level of skill will qualify volunteers to adopt an OBC point count route.

2016 dates and times: Saturday mornings from 8 – 10:15 am on April 2nd - May 7th.

Location: Jack Purcell Community Centre, 320 Jack Purcell Lane

Please register at:
Eventbrite - Chirps, tweets and trills: Learn your local bird songs

Registered Students will be sent course details (Room Number, What to Bring, etc.) before the course begins.

Example of Course Outline: OBC Native Bird Song Course Outline 2011.pdf.

For updates on Ottawa Bird Count and the course, please follow us on Twitter:

2016 Chirps, tweets and trills:

Learn your local bird songs with the Ottawa Bird Count

Here are the lists of species that we cover during each week of the course:

Species Week 1.pdf
Species Week 2.pdf
Species Week 3.pdf
Species Week 4.pdf
Species Week 5.pdf
Species Week 6.pdf
OBC Complete Species List.pdf

The material for the Bird Song - Point Count Course is limited because some of the song files are copyright-protected. Contact us for information on how to volunteer and get access to the course materials.

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