Ottawa Bird Count Tuesday, 21 August 2018 08:02 am  
Study Area

The point count and census plot programs will take place inside study area you see below but we accept nest monitoring observations from anywhere in the city of Ottawa.

Click here for a higher resolution .pdf of the study area.

How was the study area chosen?

The OBC field programs area focused on the urbanized parts of the city. Since the long term mission of the OBC is to create cities that can be habitat for people and for birds, we've focused our efforts on areas where most people live and work. Specifically the study area encompasses:

  • All areas of the city that are designated "Urban" in Ottawa's Official Plan (Schedule B in the language of the plan)
  • The greenbelt
  • The villages within the city that are adjacent to the greenbelt or the urban designated land, which are likely to see the most development in the near future. This includes: Fallowfield, Manotick, Greely, Notre Dame des Champs, Navan, and Cumberland.
  • A 1 km buffer of all of these areas to capture any unexpected changes in development

Can I participate if I don't live inside the study area?

Absolutely! Many of our participants work in the city but live in the surrounding area. Others are willing to commit some of their time for a study because they recognize the importance of studying biodiversity in the places where people live and work. Many just enjoy birding with a clear scientific purpose.

Can I submit nests from outside the city or surveys outside the study area?

Unfortunately, no. In comparison to populations in urban areas, birds outside of urban centres are relatively well monitored through other programs and more importantly, the OBC is an urban and suburban focused survey and our methods have been designed specifically for this purpose. If the city continues to expand in the future, we can always reassess the study area boundary. If you have nest observations from outside the city of Ottawa, consider submitting them directly to the Ontario Nest Records Scheme or Project NestWatch.

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