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Current Graduate Students
Name Thesis Title or Area of Interest
Collins, Sara Influence of Agricultural Landscape Structure on Aquatic Biodiversity and Water Quality in Farmland
Crowe, Susie
Geng, Xiaoyuan (X) Knowledge-based predictive soil mapping
Jacobs, Kent Quality assessment of volunteered geographic information
Johnson, Amelia Riparian mapping
Kennedy, Blair Mapping Arctic biogeochemistry with hyperspectral imagery
Martins de Freitas, Sandra (Sandra) Response of neotropical versus temperate birds to spatial scale and landscape pattern
Rehbein, Christina Landscape impacts on biodiversity
Samson, Cameron Hydrologic models
Tanner, Tonia Assessing the impact of field size on farmland species diversity within Eastern Ontario scenario modelling
GLEL Alumni (includes former graduate students, post-docs, and RA's)
Name Thesis Title or Area of Interest
Allen, Lauren Growing in the city: Analyzing public urban agriculture in Ottawa
An, Yang (An) Evaluation of Evapotranspiration Estimation Methods and Their Impacts on Crop Yield Simulations
Banks, Sarah Arctic shoreline mapping using Radarsat 2 and optical satellite imagery
Barker, Rebecca Mapping potential Blanding's turtle habitat using aerial orthophotographic imagery and object based classification
Bemrose, Robert (Robbie) Impacts of radiometric corrections on empirical modelling of biophysical variables with airborne multispectral digital camera imagery
Bender, Darren Wildlife movement in fragmented habitats: The influence of landscape complexity
Bert, Dan Evaluating the importance of artificial wetlands for dragonflies in changing landscapes
Bouchard, Julie
Bowman, Jeff
Brennan, Julie When Can Genetic Information Be Used To Measure Inter-Population Movement?
Butson, Chris Forest pattern discrimination using lacunarity analysis of high-resolution remote sensing imagery
Carr, Laurie The impact of vehicular traffic on two frog populations of differing vagility, Rana pipiens and Rana clamitans
Carrière, Melanie
Charbonneau, Neil
Clouston, Andrea Influence of scale (grain and extent) on explaining bird distribution in human-dominated landscapes of Eastern Ontario, Canada
Coffey, Heather How do air pollution, moisture and colonization pressure affect lichen cover and diversity in urban Ottawa, Canada?
Contreras, Tom Changes in the abundance and distribution of woody plants related to dispersal mechanisms along a forest cover gradient
Cosmopoulos, Panayota (Patricia) Temporal analysis of forest change at an abandoned mine site using high-resolution multispectral digital imagery
Cunnington, Glenn Traffic noise and its impact on the characteristics of amphibian vocalization
Czerwinski, Christopher (Chris) Contemporary forest change detection and mapping in Gatineau Park, Quebec: 1987 to 2010 using Landsat TM5 imagery.
Dam, Amanda Landscape structure affects different eastern Ontario anuran species at different spatial scales
Deschamps, Benjamin Evaluation of Three Semi-Empirical Soil Moisture Estimation Models with RADARSAT-2 Imagery
Dillabaugh, Kristie Mapping wetland structure and composition using Ikonos imagery
Dingle Robertson, Laura Land Cover Change Mapping in Eastern Ontario & Western Quebec, 1975 - 2005 (MSc), Wetlands mapping and evaluation (PhD)
Dorland, Alex Landscape ecology
Doubleday, Laura
Downing, Richard The Effect of Road Density and Proximity on Predation Attempts on the White Footed Mouse (Peromyscus leucopus)
Duguay, Stéphanie Effect of Landscape Context on the Plant Species Richness of Forest Fragments
Dunford, Wendy
Duro, Dennis
Eberhardt, Ewen Spatial patterns of wildlife road mortality, Thousand Islands Parkway, Ontario
Eigenbrod, Felix Effect of roads on wildlife populations
Ethier, Kevin The effects of forest fragmentation, independent of forest amount, on bat abundance in eastern Ontario, Canada
Fairbrother, Michelle Landscape pattern metric selection for characterizing farmland heterogeneity
Feagan, Sean The effect of landscape heterogeneity on bee assemblage structure.
Ford, Adam The Effect of Traffic on the Movement of Eastern Chipmunks (Tamias Striatus)
Gagné, Sara Effects of urbanisation on avian and amphibian communities
George, Scott Quality assessment for volunteered geographic information
Girard, Jude PDF topic: Modelling Landscape Heterogeneity Effects on Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes: Biodiversity surveys and model development
Goodwin, Brett Landscape connectivity: The interaction between insect movements and landscape spatial structure
Haddow, Kimberly Anne
Harvey, Mark
Hermsen, Lisa
Holland, Jeffrey D. (Jeff) Factors Affecting the Extinction Threshold and Scale of Habitat Interactions in Cerambycid Beetles
Hotte, Tom
Jack, Joanna Investigating the Role of Mortality in Explaining the Negative Road Effect on Birds
Jaeger, Jochen Comparing and assessing different road network patterns with respect to their impacts on species survival and population densities
Johnson, Cassandra
Kallio, Sheldon Can ground beetle species traits predict the size of a landscape?
Kennedy, Blair Mapping Arctic biogeochemistry with hyperspectral imagery
Kirby, Patrick Impacts of uncertainty in land cover classification on predictions made based on land cover maps
Koumaris, Alex Mixed Effects of Agricultural Intensity on Anurans
Kreuzberg, Elena
Ladd, David Bad seed: the role of seed mass in dispersal and seedling success in the non-native, invasive perennial, Vincetoxieum rossicum.
Langlois, Jean Landscape structure and the distribution of Sin Nombre hantavirus in deer mouse Peromyscus maniculatus populations
Larivée, Maxim (Max) Effects of wildfire and clear-cutting on ground level spider assemblages in a boreal forest
Lee, Michelle
Lévesque, Josée PhD Thesis: Modelling forest structure and health using high resolution airborne imagery: Investigation of spectral unmixing and spatial analysis of radiometric fractions.
Lindsay, Andrew Mark (Mark)
Lindsay, Emily Mapping Canada’s Rangeland and Forage Resources using Earth Observation
Mackie, Trisha
Maloley, Matt Thermal Remote Sensing of Urban Heat Islands: Greater Toronto Area
Martin, Amanda Understanding the consequences of "optimal" movements in human-altered landscapes
McAllister, Andrew The changing bird assemblage along a gradient of agricultural intensity
McGrath, Keegan
McGregor, Rachelle The Effect of Roads on Small Mammal Movement
McLaren, Ashley Divided 4-lane highways and their effect on small mammal movement
Melles, Stephanie
Miles, Steve Relationships Between Net Primary Production, Soil Moisture and Topography in Semi-Arid Grassland Environments
Millard, Koreen Development of methods to map and monitor peatland ecosystems and hydrologic conditions using Radarsat-2 Synthetic Aperture Radar
Mirabzadeh, Parastu Political ecology of conservation in the ‘Alagol, Ulmagol, and Ajigol’ Glocal wetlands
Monck-Whipp, Liv Relevance of landscape heterogeneity to bat diversity and abundance in agricultural Eastern Ontario
Munro, Keith The effect of road density on the abundance of white-tailed deer
Nguyen, Thai (Nicolas) Vegetation Mapping and Estimation of the Extent of Near-Surface Permafrost in the MacKenzie Delta, Northwest Territories
Ochoski, Nicholas (Nick) Phragmites australis detection using RADARSAT-2 : single-polarized analysis and fully polarimetric decomposition
Oikle, Robert
Olson, Leif Multi-variant conservation prioritization
Olthof, Ian PhD Thesis: Monitoring and Mapping Eastern Ontario's 1998 Forest Ice Storm Damage
Pacheco, Anna Crop canopy mapping using radar imagery
Pasher, Jon PDF: Modelling Landscape Heterogeneity Effects on Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes: Landscape sample selection design
Patenaude, Theresa Disentangling the effects of surrounding wetland habitat and urban development on wetland plant and benthic invertebrate diversity
Pedlar, John Variation in raccoon and skunk abundance along an agricultural intensity gradient across two spatial scales
Perkins, Genevieve The impact of domestic cats (Felis silvestris catus) on birds in the urban landscape.
Pope, Shealagh The relative roles of landscape complementation and metapopulation dynamics in the distribution and abundance of leopard frogs (Rana pipiens) in Ottawa-Carleton
Pouliot, Darren Development of a Remote Sensing Based Coniferous Regeneration Monitoring System
Proulx, Raphael
Pulsifer, Peter
Put (Jackson), Julia
Quesnelle, Pauline
Rytwinski, Trina The effects of roads and traffic on wildlife
Salisbury, Laura Evaluating the Effectiveness of Three Dimensional Geovisualization Tools in Communicating Climate Change Impacts - A PEI Case Study
Sawatzky, Margaret Landscape context is more important than wetland buffers for farmland amphibians
Seed, Evan Forest dynamics modelling and mapping in Gatineau Park using remotely sensed imagery
Smith, Adam Scale dependency of relationships between the occurrence/abundance of animals (primarily birds) and the composition and configuration of the surrounding landscape
Sokol, Jennifer Monitoring northern Atlantic Canadian wetlands using remote sensing techniques
Summers, Patricia (Patty) The effect of traffic noise on bird abundance in habitats within close proximity to roads
Sun, Liu (Sunny) Blended drought indices for agricultural drought risk assessment on the Canadian prairies
Tews, Joerg Ecological and natural resource modeling, system analysis and software development
Tighe, Lorraine Empirical assessment of multi-wavelength synthetic aperture radar for land cover and canopy height estimation
Tischendorf, Lutz
Tittler, Rebecca Source-Sink Dynamics, Dispersal and Landscape Effects on North American Songbirds
Torontow, Valerie Multivariate forest modelling and mapping using Quickbird imagery and topographic data in Chelsea, Québec
Trzcinski, M. Kurtis The effects of forest loss and fragmentation on the distribution of forest breeding birds
van den Berg, Jesse Fuzzy Classification for Eastern Ontario Land Cover Mapping
Vance, Melissa Relationship between minimum habitat requirements and annual reproductive rates in forest-breeding birds
Vanderkam, Robert A comparison of heuristic and optimal reserve selection algorithms used in systematic conservation planning
Venier, Lisa The effects of amount of available habitat in the landscape on relations between abundance and distribution of boreal forest songbirds
Virk, Ravinder (Ravi) Impacts of Cattle Grazing on Spatio-temporal Variability of Soil Moisture and Above-ground Live Plant Biomass In Mixed Grasslands
Walsworth, Nicholas Geographic image modelling of environmental degradation associated with acid mine drainage - Kam Kotia mine tailings
Widenmaier, Kerri
Zaytseva, Anna Spatio-temporal patterns of extreme weather events and their impacts on corn (Zea mays) and soybeans (Glycine max) in eastern Ontario
Zorn, Paul Developing a "severe test" of species distribution modelling for conservation planning
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