Geomatics and Landscape Ecology Research Laboratory Sunday, 25 October 2020 3:50 pm  
Doug King
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Doug King


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I conduct research to develop and evaluate methods for modelling and mapping of forest and wetland characteristics such as composition, structure, health, and habitat quality. My research focusses on high resolution remote sensing, including airborne digital camera and high resolution satellite imagery, with additional regional scale studies using moderate resolution imagery such as Landsat. I also supervise other graduate theses in a variety of topics including radar applications.


Current and recent projects include:

  1. Biodiversity indicator mapping of the Gatineau Park using high resolution remote sensing and environmental data
  2. Vegetation biomass and composition mapping in riverine marshes using Ikonos
  3. Impacts of corrections of image brightness variations (optical, BRDF, topo) on empirical models of forest structure and health
  4. Hooded warbler habitat mapping using spectral and spatial analysis of Landsat and Ikonos data
  5. Forest structural response to the 1998 ice storm
  6. Boreal forest crop and competition regeneration assessment using airborne imagery
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