Geomatics and Landscape Ecology Research Laboratory Thursday, 21 June 2018 8:14 am  
Sandra (Sandra) Martins de Freitas
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Sandra Martins de Freitas

Degree in progress: PhD
Supervisor: Dr. Lenore Fahrig

My Research:

Response of neotropical versus temperate birds to spatial scale and landscape pattern

Human activities are considered the main driver to worldwide biodiversity decline. Especially in tropical areas, forests are being lost in alarming rates, and being replaced by human land uses, such as crops, roads and pastures. How these changes affect forest-bird species is still unclear. While in temperate areas it has been shown that birds respond mostly to amount of forest in the landscape, it is uncertain if this pattern holds true for tropical species. In my PhD thesis I will test commonly made predictions about response of birds to altered landscapes arising from the hypotheses that tropical species are more likely to avoid the matrix, that they are more specialized, and have shorter dispersal ranges than temperate birds. I predict that tropical birds will present a higher sensitivity to landscape configuration, a smaller scale of effect, and a higher species turnover than temperate birds

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